Orbital Surgery

Sydney Oculoplastic Surgeon and Ophthalmologist

Dr Eade performs surgery for thyroid eye disease, orbital tumours, infections and fractures as well as eye socket surgery and artificial eye management.

Thyroid eye disease

The thyroid gland is located in the neck and produces thyroid hormone that helps to regulate our metabolism.

Orbital tumours

The orbit (eye socket) is the area between the eyeball and the orbital bones.
Structures situated in the orbit include the eye muscles, the optic nerve, orbital fat and blood vessels.
The orbit is surrounded by the brain and sinuses.

Orbital infection and inflammation

Orbital Infections involve the area between the eyeball and the orbital bones.

Orbital trauma and fractures

The orbit refers to the group of bones that surround the eyeball.
An orbital fracture is a break in one of the bones, most commonly the orbital floor, beneath the eye.

Eye socket surgery

Artificial eye management

For appointments and enquiries, please phone  02 9000 7575

Alternate phone:  1300 373 233

8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday


Shore Eye Surgery
North Shore Health Hub
Building A, Level 4, Suite 8
7 Westbourne St
St Leonards NSW 2065

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Unit 11, Building 7
49 Frenchs Forest Rd East
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086

Norwest Eye Clinic
Norwest Private Hospital
Building B, Level 1, Suite 109
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Suite 303, 20 Bungan St
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