Lacrimal (tear duct) Surgery

Sydney Oculoplastic Surgeon and Ophthalmologist

Dr Eade performs tear duct surgery for both adult and paediatric patients. For most, this will be a day surgery procedure.

Watery eyes

Nasolacrimal duct stenting

Some patients have watery eyes due to a delay in the passage of tears without evidence of a blockage of the tear drainage system.
This is referred to as a functional obstruction
Other patients may have a partial obstruction of the lacrimal system.
In these patients, silicone stents can be placed through the length of the nasolacrimal system.

DCR Surgery

Tear Bypass Tube

A tear bypass tube is also known as a Lester Jones tube.
If the canaliculi are scarred, absent or non-functional, a bypass tube is inserted to drain the tears through to the nose, bypassing the abnormal canaliculi.
These tubes are made of highly polished pyrex and measure about 1 cm long.
the tube may be placed at the time of DCR surgery or at a subsequent procedure.
Lester Jones tubes are placed through a narrow tract, which contracts around the tube as it heals.

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